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Advanced Workplace Communication Skills Training – ALESWORK

ALESWORK training is designed for newcomer IT professionals who would like to learn strategies to enhance Workplace Communication in their Canadian workplace.

This program focuses on oral and written communication, teamwork, cultural and emotional intelligence, critical thinking, creativity, and much more.

This interactive training program is designed and focused in helping you:

  • To develop your communication and thinking skills in a group setting
  • Enhance verbal clarity and ability to communicate your ideas
  • Improve professional writing skills

What to expect from ALESWORK?

  • 60-hours of training that targets the communication needs of IT professionals
  • an up to date program designed with input from local IT employers to meet their soft skills expectation
  • an opportunity to practise oral and written communication in workplace
    • promoting your critical thinking skills essential at workplace
  • lessons on expressing ideas and opinions effectively
  • leverage your professional presence with confidence
  • link to In-TAC’s expert Career Consultant and Employer Engagement Officer and hiring events

Last training cycle offered in January 2020!

Training Details:
Advanced Workplace Communication Skills Training
21st January, 2020 – 27th March, 2020
Tuesday and Friday 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
In-TAC, 400 Cooper Street, Suite 2000, Ottawa, ON K2P 2H8

Before taking this course I spoke with a very low volume, rarely made proper eye contact, and didn’t show confidence. Now I project my voice much better and engage my audience making eye contact and using body language when necessary.


I can now see that the employees are so confident to participate in discussions and they have some ideas and they know how to present. And all the subject, the method, the agenda for each session is really well-written and is based on whatever we need in the workplace.



• clear and effective vocal delivery
• presentations
• teamwork and collaboration in the workplace
• writing formal and informal messages, email and instant messages
• exploring critical thinking skills
• exploring Emotional Intelligence and workplace culture

• simulations and role-play:

o team decision making
o engaging in meetings
o giving and receiving constructive feedback
o dealing with difficult people
o networking

Shweta Kulkarni
Recruitment & Training Coordinator
613 699 7797 x727

Are you an internationally-trained IT professional?

Is your Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score 7 or higher?

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