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In-TAC’s E-connector Chinese Associations Summit

On May 18th, 2016 In-TAC’s Pre-Arrival Services team set-up a very successful summit with chiefs and representatives of 11 major Chinese Associations in order to promote In-TAC’s new E-connector project.

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In-TAC’s Pre-Arrival Services is a new initiative of the OCCSC that supports prospective newcomers in China before immigrating to Canada. E-connector is an important component of the services that helps newcomers develop community connections by matching established immigrants and/or Canadian volunteers with newcomers, based on mutual interests, professions, language skills, family make-up, etc. The established immigrants/Canadian volunteers share their experiences, provide pertinent information and answer questions newcomers may have. The goal is to facilitate the newcomer’s transition to Canada.

The goal of this introductory session was to establish a communications platform between In-TAC and Chinese Associations in order to forge partnerships for future collaborations.

The stakeholders involved agreed to the following follow-up actions:

To promote both the Pre-Arrival Services and E-connector, through their networks of respective associations

To recruit more volunteers for the E-connector project

To develop a standardized program introductory message to facilitate promotions

To develop an Android app to promote Chin Radio

To set-up themed WeChat groups to provide services required by E-connector

To propose topics and guest-speakers for Chin Radio’s talk show

To maintain regular communications between In-TAC and the Chinese Associations