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Expo Shines Light on Bright Future for Skilled Immigrants: In-TAC holds second annual career fair for IT and finance professionals

By Brandon Rushton, Ottawa Star

October 21, 2014

Being Canadian-born, it is difficult to relate to the struggles New Canadians face when trying to find fulfilling work in Canada.

After graduating from college, I constantly complained about the job market and its unfairness, unaware that I already had an inside track solely through birthright. Thousands of immigrants from across the globe, however, face a much steeper climb.

Since the 1990’s, the number of skilled immigrants (those with specific skills, credentials, and workplace experience) entering Canada has grown immensely.

Most are more than qualified to work in their field – trained doctors with PhD’s, professionals with Masters Degrees, and job hunters with years of experience – yet they still face an up-hill battle and receive little to no help as they attempt to re-establish themselves in a new country.

This is where In-TAC enters the picture. […Read More]