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In-TAC’s Business Centre – Personalized Accounting and Tax Service

Have you recently started a small or medium sized business? Are you looking for someone with expertise to help you with accounting and taxation services at an affordable price? In-TAC’s business centre is the perfect fit for you!

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The business centre provides a variety of bookkeeping services including preparation of financial statements, payroll and HST remittances as well as corporate, not-for-profit and personal tax returns. If you choose to work with the business centre, your first three months of bookkeeping services are free of cost. The centre is a not-for-profit organization and that provides internationally educated accounting professionals, graduates of the NaviCan Accounting program, with transition experience through internships. The quality of services are guaranteed and assured by CGA/CPA advisors that work closely with the interns.

The business centre provides your organization with a customized experience. The interns employed at the centre are given an opportunity to utilize their accounting skills in a Canadian context. Participants are put through an intensive three-month training program (NaviCan Accounting) where they become familiar with Canadian accounting software and tax laws. Following the training, the top graduates are selected for internships at In-TAC’s Business Centre. More than half of the interns have Master’s degrees and all have years of experience working internationally.

Heart Su, co-op program coordinator, has managed the business centre since its opening in November 2012. The centre has experience working with a variety of organizations including IT service consultant companies, a catering company, a not-for-profit organization, and other small businesses. As Heart passionately says, “the goal of the business centre is to make the client feel very comfortable.”

Heart and her team understand that starting a new business can be challenging. During your first meeting with the centre you have a one-on-one consultation to review the goals for your business. This customized meeting ensures that your needs are met and is just one of the many personal touches you can expect when working with In-TAC. The Business Centre is also incredibly flexible. Need papers delivered across town or after hours? No problem. The Business Centre works to accommodate your needs.

With tax season quickly approaching, In-TAC’s business centre is the perfect match for growing SME’s. The centre has a diverse hardworking staff that provides top quality service at an affordable price!


Emma Cochrane, In-TAC Communication Intern


“I knew I needed someone I could trust, and I didn’t want to go to a big firm. I wanted someone who could take my case seriously and work with me personally so I asked around and found the In-TAC Accounting and Tax Service.

In-TAC Accounting and Tax Service made me feel comfortable immediately.  I love the way they confirm all details, follow up with me to make sure I know what the status of the file is, what they need from me, and when I can expect results.  They save me time, money and stress. They are flexible when I need them to be and they stick to deadlines

I now know that my bookkeeping and taxes are in the best hands.  It has taken a huge weight off my shoulders, and I know when I have a question, I will get the answer I need quickly. The next step is to work with In-TAC Accounting and Tax services to build a strategy for managing my expenses and planning for taxes in the future.”

Dr. Linda Manning, Intercultural Economist, Transforming Hidden Talent into High Performance