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Ottawa Maintenance Manager
In-TAC Erica Ottawa, Canada 98 Days Ago
Job Category: Airlines/Avionics/Aerospace
Job Type: Full-Time
Posted: 2019-07-11
Job Status
Start Publishing: 2019-07-11
Stop Publishing: 2019-07-18
In-TAC Erica Ottawa, Canada
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This is a role that In-TAC would not typically try to fill, but an employer partner is seeking an experienced Maintenance Manager to join its Aircraft
Maintenance department based at the company's headquarters in Ottawa. The position
may require occasional field work at locations around the world.

Responsibilities of the Position
• Overseeing the maintenance functions of the company performed in Ottawa. This
includes all non-specialized maintenance in avionics, composites and sheet
• Equipment training for maintenance personnel in Ottawa;
• Ottawa based personnel scheduling, ensuring the timely completion of all
scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance and advising the DOM of any
work performed that is considered a major modification or repair;
• Communicating to the DOM any aircraft deficiencies or equipment malfunctions;
• Ensuring the Ottawa based ACAs have current technical information, adequate
spares and tooling to perform aircraft maintenance in an appropriate and timely
• Ensuring the maintenance of all of the AMO’s shop and hangar tools and
equipment in Ottawa;
• The completion of component maintenance and ensuring the associated work
orders are completed in accordance with the internal procedure;
• Performing receiving inspections on in-coming supplies or items manufactured by
SGL when authorized, including the signing of release tags or aircraft
maintenance releases;
• Ensuring the safe operation of the department and to report any HSE issues to
the HSE committee and the DOM in a timely fashion;
• Assist the auditing of their department and carry out corrective action plans
when not in conflict with the performance of maintenance;
• Understand, comply with and promote all company safety precautions and policies
including reporting hazards and incidents encountered in daily operations;
• Maintain a positive attitude toward personal and professional growth;
• Attend any training deemed necessary; and
• Be able to assume the responsibilities of the DOM if requested.


Qualifications and Experience
• Valid Transport Canada AME “M” licence and significant experience on at least one
turbine and one piston engine type of aircraft operated by SGL;
• Willingness to travel internationally for occasional field work;
• Knowledgeable understanding of Canadian Aviation Regulations;
• Valid passport and driver's license; and
• Ability to obtain Transport Canada restricted area pass.

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