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WSS Optical Path Design and Automatic Commissioning Expert
Ottawa, Canada 594 Days Ago
Job Category: Computer/IT
Job Type: Full-Time
Posted: 2019-12-17
Job Status
Start Publishing: 2019-12-17
Stop Publishing: 2020-02-15
Ottawa, Canada
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  • Design of 1XN high dimensions, MXN ADWSS and NXN WSS optical systems.
  • Design the WSS optical components, define the component specifications, and test methods.
  • Develop the automatic commissioning solution for the WSS optical path, and resolve various optical problems during the commissioning to improve the mass production yield of the optical path commissioning.
  • Have a basic command of the principles of geometrical optics and physical optics. Have a basic command of the optical design aberration theory. Have a proficient command of the Gaussian beam transmission, lens transformation, and coupling theory.
  • Have a deep understanding of the WSS optical principle and optical architecture. Have a good understanding of the design methods of optical systems with complex WSS boards. Have experience in delivering WSS products.
  • Have a basic command of the core specifications and test methods of various optical components. Have general knowledge of the processing and manufacturing process
  • PHD or MASc in Electrical Engineering or equivalent degree
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