About Us

In-TAC stands as a brainchild of the Ottawa Chinese Community Services Centre (OCCSC), boasting a national presence and global influence. Our polyglot workforce comprises seasoned professionals steeped in rich business acumen.

Our Endeavors

We align global talent with Canadian prospects.

We furnish guidance, support, and recruitment solutions, coupled with coaching and mentoring services.

Are you an enterprise seeking to delve into worldwide vistas? We possess the right individuals for your enterprise.

Are you a freshly arrived expert yearning to ply your trade in your specialized domain? We stand poised to assist.

We affirm, and we bring to fruition.

About Us buisness

Our collaboration with In-TAC in securing adept candidates for roles in our corporation has been immensely satisfying. … The In-TAC team has demonstrated erudition, adaptability, and articulate communication in deliberating placements for our tech firm.

Shirley Schiavo, HR Manager, MediaMiser Ltd.

Our Purpose

In-TAC harmonizes global aptitude with indigenous enterprises, fostering global triumph. We aid small and medium-sized enterprises in bridging expertise gaps, hastening the job pursuit for internationally educated professionals in their specialized domains.

Our Aspiration

To metamorphose into a self-sustaining social enterprise, a nationwide nexus uniting skilled, driven professionals with Canadian firms dedicated to workforce diversification and international expansion.

In-TAC, an arm of the OCCSC, remains steadfast in adhering to the tenets of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, diligently striving to accommodate clients, public members, community constituents, volunteers, and staff with physical and mental disabilities to the best of our capabilities.