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Allow me to elucidate a multifaceted array of services designed to expedite your quest for professional endeavors within the Canadian landscape. If you are a globally educated professional aspiring to carve a niche in the Canadian job market sans the protracted interlude of unrelated, menial occupations, In-TAC stands as a beacon of assistance.

As a comprehensive repository of aid, we streamline the laborious task of securing employment congruent with your educational background, expertise, and tenure. Our modus operandi encompasses a gamut of indispensable services, constituting a veritable “one-stop” solution geared towards facilitating the realization of your vocational aspirations.

These integral services encompass, but are not confined to:

  1. Enhancement of Workplace Communication Skills
  2. Tailored English Training Aligned with Industry-Specific Norms
  3. Guidance in Crafting Resumés and Navigating Interview Preparations
  4. Holistic Employment Counseling
  5. Facilitation of Job Referrals
  6. Provision of Work Placements
  7. Mentorship by Local Professionals, Paving the Way Through Your Canadian Career Trajectory
  8. Access to Networking Opportunities

In-TAC’s expansive repertoire includes distinctive programs meticulously tailored to cater to the unique needs of diverse professionals. Notable among these are:

Business man

1. NaviCanIT – Navigating the Canadian IT Workplace Program: A bespoke 12-week initiative serving as a bridge-to-work program for internationally educated ICT professionals. In-TAC proudly stands as the sole entity in Ottawa offering such a comprehensive training regimen. This program is geared towards preparing globally educated ICT professionals for the nuances of the Canadian workplace, coupled with opportunities for professional exposure.

2. NaviCanAccounting – Navigating the Canadian Workplace Program for Accounting Professionals: A singular 12-week program with an accompanying professional practicum, specifically crafted to guide participants through seamless career transitions. This initiative equips involved internationally educated professionals with essential Canadian accounting software skills, taxation fundamentals, and an immersion into the local Canadian workplace ethos.

3. MAPLE 2.0 – Mentorship in Action Program: A nationally acclaimed program orchestrating mentorship placements to foster synergy between employers and internationally educated professionals. This initiative not only forges employment opportunities for recent immigrants but also enriches employers’ intercultural understanding. Managed by In-TAC in collaboration with the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia (ISSofBC) and Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC), MAPLE 2.0 addresses the specific needs of employers in overcoming barriers to hiring recent immigrants.

4. In-TAC Mentorship Program For IT & Accounting Professionals: A pioneering initiative in Canada, this mentorship program uniquely trains mentors and protégés concurrently over five consecutive Wednesdays. The program focuses on honing mentoring skills, strategic job search techniques, cultural competency, professional development, leadership, and community building. Prospective protégés are required to successfully complete either the NaviCan IT or Accounting training programs with an exemplary attendance record.

5. Job Search Workshops (JSW): In-TAC’s Job Search Workshop is an intensive four-day series concentrating on the labor markets within the IT and Finance sectors. Participants are immersed in the intricacies of the local Canadian workplace culture, business practices, and professional ethics. The workshops delve into the nuances of resume and cover letter crafting, interview skills, and individualized counseling.