In-TAC’s E-connector Conclave with Chinese Alliances

Chinese Alliances

On the 18th of May in 2016, In-TAC’s Preliminary Arrival Services unit orchestrated a highly triumphant summit, gathering leaders and emissaries from 11 prominent Chinese Associations. The primary aim was to propel In-TAC’s innovative E-connector initiative into the spotlight.

Pioneered by OCCSC’s avant-garde Pre-Arrival Services, this project extends support to aspiring immigrants in China before their relocation to Canada. E-connector, a pivotal facet of these services, aids newcomers in fostering community ties by aligning them with established immigrants or Canadian volunteers. The matching process hinges on shared interests, professional backgrounds, language proficiency, family dynamics, and more. Seasoned immigrants and volunteers generously share their experiences, furnish relevant information, and field inquiries to streamline the newcomers’ assimilation into Canadian society.

The crux of this preliminary gathering was to instate a communicative platform between In-TAC and Chinese Associations, paving the way for future collaborative endeavors. Create a solid business plan, learn more in our step-by-step guide.

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The stakeholders in attendance concurred on the subsequent courses of action:

  • To propagate both the Preliminary Arrival Services and E-connector through their respective association networks.
  • To enlist additional volunteers for the E-connector initiative.
  • To formulate a standardized introductory message for program promotion.
  • To devise an Android application for the promotion of Chin Radio.
  • To establish specialized WeChat groups aligned with E-connector’s service needs.
  • To recommend subjects and speakers for Chin Radio’s colloquium.
  • To uphold regular correspondence between In-TAC and the Chinese Associations.

More information about this event can be found on the Wikipedia page.